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(From: Anonymous)

i was abroad for about one week in the winter time, fucking thing has found me, fucking shitholes –

have received an invoice for 40 euro using the roaming option on my phone…

tell me plz , how much would you pay for 6MB?

cause i have – madafakin 40 euroz – fuck that thing, normally invoices for an half a year in my case, cause i hate calling people,

cause i don´t like people… but i love internet…

so see you till the next time.


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another one rage at the same thing, but it has happened when I was on vacation. Stepping out of the tram, the first step on the road and there was a car driving in front on me with the speed for about 50Km/s.

Bitch they were people stepping out of the tram! Driver could kill with one move 20 of them -including me…

Fucking shithole, hate so much when I´m thinking about sometimes. Could kill this fucker!
So many fucking stupids on this world, you can´t even imagine when you meet one!!!!

car shop

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(From: Anonymous)

Yesterday i was buy something in a car shop. After the payment I went out to my car and what have i seen? an old man parking like about 3 meter away from my car repairing his car with a spray can. he painted his car with silver color. If there were some wind, my black car could be silver! this fucking idiot had no brain.

So you can meet the stupids on every corner and that’s the reason why we will never stop to write… Because idiots are everywhere and when i´m seeing them, i´m getting angry like in one second. that’s why i´m carrying with me every time something to write it down… do it with us! find an idiot in your near!!!

the driver

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I was driving my car and have seen two grandmas wanted to cross the crosswalk and have decided to stop my car and let them go through, and this motherfucker in the car behind me has started to honk like what am i doing!?? So i showed him my middle finger, he has overtaken my car stopping in front of my and was standing there doing nothing, i was fucking angry at this idiot and have opened my car and was like in two second by his car. So i have opened his door and asked him wtf?!? ha was screaming wtf i was doing there letting the people through???? those two grandmas came to his car and told them wtf is wrong with him… and of the story…

Flying stuff

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(From: Rachele)

Today, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a twenty five foot
drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation.
My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views.


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(From: Anonymous)

I hate my parents


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(From: Anonymous)

I hate the way my hairdresser dyed my hair

Fucking Noobs

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(From: Anonymous)

Noobs in company of Heroes!!!

Nigga syndrome

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(From: Maddy)

People need to drop the nigga attitude and the culture that surrounds it including music!! Niggas just want everything given to them without giving anything back they think they are owed the world. Time to stop complaining and get up and do something (not criminal) build foundations and build a community from the bottom. It wont be glamourous and will take a long time and hard work but nothing worth having comes easy. Get jobs in mcdonalds, cleaning floors or whatever pays to provide a stable base for your children to be educated from so they can learn the skills required to achieve great things, let them know and believe they can achieve what ever they put there mind to if they work hard for it. Learn that education is the key alot of adults are poorly educated and don’t understand its importance so cant pass this message onto there kids which results in a never ending spiral of uneducated, unskilled, unemployable people.Eventually you will have black (not nigga) run businesses serving the black community. It may seam like an impossible task but all it takes is for every individual to be the best person they can be, not be greedy, think about others and the future and the legacy they leave behind and it will happen.


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(From: Anonymous)

I fucking hate everything, jut as i hate myself, people disgust me.